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Updated 04/06/2000

Rail Fair '99 Photo Gallery Page 1
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On 5/21/99 UP train "#844 west" came thru Goldrun on the way to Railfair '99



Rail Fair '99, in Old Sacramento Ca, hosted by the California State Railroad Museum and the Calfornia State Parks department displayed the largest gathering of steam locomotives in modern times. The third railfair hosted by the museum, this event took place on June 18 -27, 1999. This is a photo album of my railfair experience that lasted mostly over the four weeks in June of '99 with various chases of the major steam participants and activities at the fair itself. I will post periodically photos & videos, as I have time. Enjoy.


During Rail Fair there were plenty of excursion trips, UP 844 to Tehema, UP 3985 to Feather River Canyon, Yolo Short Line to Clarksburg, Amtrak to Franklin Canyon on the old Santa Fe and more. I decided to go down to the Amtrak station in Sacramento the evening after the Franklin Canyon run and poke around the Sacramento yard.

The passengers have deboarded and the Amtrak special sits while the crews clean up.



Looking into the museum grounds after the fair closed down for the night. This line that services the museum is the old Isleton branch. You can see the I st. Bridge to the right. Thirty years ago this yard would be bustling at this time of night, all that is here now is a frieght every so often and an empty yard except for UP 844 behind me in the dark barely in steam waiting for her excursion to Tehema in the morning.


The end of a Cal-Train waiting to head back to San Jose sits on track #4 at the Sacramento station.


A stack train out of Oakland headed east flys by the quiet station at about 11:00pm.


Back at the fair.

Santa Fe #3751, restored in 1991 after 6 six years of hard work this northern type locomotive is owned by the San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society. #3751 ran the Chief between Los Angeles and Kansas City between 1942 - 1946. Type 4-8-4, built 1927 baldwin Locomotive Works, fuel - oil, wt. 874,364 lbs.




South Carolina Canal & Railroad, barely in the photo this replica built 1928, 0-4-0, coal burner was built to celebrate the 100 year aniversary of the original (1830). The original ran the first passenger service in the USA. Best Friend of Charleston


Mattole Lumber #1 (right) and Kiso Forest #6 (left).

Kiso forest railway operated in Japan hauling lumber, the loco was brought back to the States in 1960 by her owner, H. Sorensen. Built 1929, type 0-4-2T, fuel - wood, gauge 36", wt. 28,000 lbs.


Burlington Northern-Santa Fe #4419 C44-9W, dash 9s as they are called are the modern day kings of the major freight lines. 6000 horse power, AC traction motors, computerized.

SP steam crane # 7070 lifted a 50 ton electric industrial locomotive as a display through out the fair. Owned by the museum.


Mt. Emily Lumber #1, owned by the Oregon Historical Society, operates on the City of Prineville Railroad in Oregon. This Shay locomotive hauled lumber in Oregon, and Washington from 1928-1955. Built in 1923 by Lima, type 3-truck Shay, fuel - oil, standard gauge, wt. 190,000.



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